The Rewarding Efforts of Coordinating a Trade Show

Sequel to “The Logistics of Coordinating a Successful Trade Show”

My first effort as a logistics person for a large exhibition was a success! Either I organized very well or was extremely lucky.

Just prior to the show, I discovered that the electrical lines had not been installed on the date that was requested and confirmed. I had placed a note on our carpet order to not move forward if the electricity was not yet connected. The carpet company followed through and made sure it was performed before they proceeded. The supervisor earned my utmost respect and thankfulness for following directions. Whew!

My first actual visit to the show was to pick up the exhibitor badges, parking passes, lead retrieval system and to ensure our booth had been set up correctly. Happily, I can report everything went smoothly and I was able to leave within an hour. The curtains had not yet been hung, but it was evident the staff was beginning this project.

The next day all of TALON’s staff and some of our manufacturers arrived at the booth to assist with assembling the kiosks and arranging the product presentation. Oh no! The curtains had still not been installed and the company in the booth behind us had a structure that covered our main electrical drop. I had to find a solution quickly. Luckily, the Floor Manager was easily found and she dispatched the personnel needed to resolve the problems in an expedient manner. We worked three and a half hours and were able to depart with the knowledge we would be ready Monday morning.

The days of the exhibit were busy, but flew by smoothly. We did not deplete our stock of supplies or promotional items. There wasn’t much remaining, but unlike years before, we did not have to return to the office to replenish our stock. This is largely due to comments from co-workers who had attended previously. I am extremely grateful for their input.

Many contacts were made and our principals and salespeople were pleased with the quality and quantity of the leads gathered for future sales. The e-mails I have received thanking me for my “strong support” made the effort and time I expended more than worth it. This entire experience has been a wonderful learning lesson. I am looking forward to the next one!

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